Multitasking is BAD for your health! In fact the most recent neuroscience research proves that the brain cannot perform tasks simultaneously, it simply switches tasks quickly.

This stop/start process is tiring on the brain and actually less efficient, causing us to make more mistakes and adding to the feeling of overwhelm that can be paralyzing.

Instead breakdown your day into blocks where you can focus fully on one task at a time. If the task cannot be finished all in one go, schedule exactly what needs to be done next so that you are not having to waste time revisiting where you left off next time.  Now of course we all have unavoidable interruptions to deal with, however the more you set up your space and time effectively the less distracted and more efficient you will be.

Not asking for help! Modern day society has become a trap for women in a lot of ways. I think there was a time where women had to act as if they could do it all in order to effect change. We are still in a women’s liberation movement that started in the western world in the late 19th century.

It is hard to quantify the progress our fore ‘mothers’ and fathers have afforded us and they had their own sacrifices to make. Today we have our sights see on financial, social and cultural inequalities however in order to break through the glass ceiling we have to approach the issue differently.

It is time to rally the troops! Asking for help is a sign of STRENGTH and the most successful and happy people in the world did not get there on their own.

Apart from the immediate benefits of freeing up your time to work on yourself and things that will benefit the family you are actually giving would be helpers a GIFT.

By asking for help from your kids, your partner, friends and family you are actually saying to them, ‘hey I know you can do this, I trust you and you are a valued part of our family’. Asking for help fulfills the helpers top 6 human needs discovered by Anthony Robbins.

All humans have six core needs which are;







Everyone has their own order of importance when it comes to the top six human needs, but rather than feeling guilty next time you consider asking for help, think about what you are giving them instead.

 Respecting your own time. This is a biggie for me, I was always so reactive when it came to getting everything done. In my earlier businesses I was the go to girl for everyone from the CEO of multinational corporations to the contractors wife.

And it was my own fault.

I taught people that I would do anything for them, instantly, so they stopped thinking for themselves and added more to my plate because it was easier to give it to me. When you are starting a business at 25 and have no kids, it works for a while. Let me tell you I was very, very efficient but now that I look back I certainly wasn’t as effective as I could have been.

But when I started setting boundaries and respecting my own time, my clients didn’t dry up. Gradually they learned to respect my time and my abilities freeing me up to provide more value to them. That’s right, by doing less I could take on bigger challenges, solve bigger problems. That is what business is all about, the bigger the problem you solve for your clients, the more you are worth to them.

These three things are what has made the biggest difference in my life in the past 3 years. Although family, business and lifestyle is still a constant juggle, I am finally beginning to enjoy the journey. I can compartmentalise each of the areas of my life and give them my all.

Ladie’s you can HAVE it all, as long as you understand there is no need to DO it all.

If you want to go fast, go alone

If you want to go far, go together

                                 African Proverb

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