Web Design Services

Building a beautiful website is just the start of getting more sales and leads online. We also provide the support, tools and knowledge for growth.

What We Do Best

We work with clients locally and all over the world building Websites and Digital Marketing strategies.

Web Design
We work with you to create a strategic website design that suits your brand and meets your business goals.  We are experts in user experience optimised, fast loading, mobile friendly websites with an easy to use content management system.
Website Development
We are experts in user experience optimised, fast loading, mobile friendly websites that are search engine primed, with an easy to use content management system, training and support.
E-Commerce Websites
Using the same results focused, supportive and easy to use content management system approach, we design and develop your online store on a foundation of research, data and strategy to meet your business goals.
Our Search Engine Optimisation services increase not only the quantity, but also the quality of traffic to your website. Because you don’t just want to beat your competitors in search ranking, you want to outsell them too.
Information Architecture
We’ll create a visual sitemap so that you can see how we propose to structure your information and pages. This is a crucial step in making sure we are all on the same page and communicating effectively.
Digital Strategy
There are so many online marketing options to get lost in, but by aligning with your customer’s intent, providing value and being consistent with the right strategy, we’ll actually take much more off your plate so you can be 10x more effective.

Virtual or Onsite Website & Digital Strategy Business Consulting

If your website is not delivering the results you had hoped for, we can work with you to get clarity on your business goals and translate those into effective online activities.

Together we articulate and organise your service or products in a way that makes it EASY for customers to buy from you.

We also provide you with milestones that keep you on course and reporting tools that show you exactly how your website is performing.

The four hour consulting intensive will give you clarity, confidence and an actionable twelve month business growth masterplan.

Connie Mottshaw

Founder | Web Designer & Developer & Digital Marketing Strategist


Website Care Plans

Your website is critical to your business, and you want peace of mind that it is always up and running , just like your phone lines and email.

Apart from always being available for potential customers and key partners,  you need to know how your website is performing, while you focus on building relationships with your client’s,  staff and partners.

Security & Backups
As they say, prevention is always better than cure. We keep your site safe and in the unlikely event of a breach, we keep backups in several locations for the fastest recovery possible.
Software Updates & Speed
The problem with the constant need to update wordpress, core themes and plugins is their tendancy to play up, slow down your site and break certain functions. Because we do this everyday, we know how to identify and fix problems without distracting you.
Unlimited Content Updates
What you think will only take 5 minutes ends up taking hours. Just email us your content updates and focus on growing your business.
Training & Coaching
Stay on track with strategy sessions with Connie Mottshaw. We review your website performance, get clarity around your business goals and develop milestones to acheive greater results.

Your website could be your best sales person, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Discover 5 quick fixes to make your website stand out from your competition.

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