Style Fitness


Style Fitness is a 24 hour Gym in South Windsor Sydney who had their website designed several years ago but needed a refresh and a solution to better onboard new clients and clients wanting to take up a free trial.

Andrew at Style also wanted to improve his gym’s visibility in Google search quickly using google Ad’s.


We created a new wordpress website with updated images and content that better emcompassed the Style Fitness experience. Also included is a booking form that allows new members to book in a time that suits them to trial the facility and pick up their access cards, without wasting time going back and forth on email or waiting for staffing hours to phone. 

A Google Ad’s account was set up with a set of commercially viable keywords and ad sets which we tested over several months to continue improving impressions, click thru rates, cost per click and conversions.

Style’s impressive Google review library is also embedded in the site to demonstrate social proof and increase conversions.



Andrew can now take bookings for new member enquiries 24/7. He has a fresh website to go with his facility upgrades and is ranking on the first page of google search for several top level keywords.




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Let’s Get Leads Together?

There are some conditions we require before working with you.

  1. YOU HAVE CLEAR GOALS; or you’re at least prepared to work with us to define them.
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  4. YOU HAVE A TEAM; or you are prepared to build one. Even if they are contractors, Virtual Assistants etc, you are going to need help to keep your investment flying high while you do what you do best.

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