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The Brief

Colleen, the owner of For Love Of Living approached me to design and develop a professional website with an empathetic and optimistic feel.

The goal for her website is to educate visitors and encourage them to reach out via phone or email.

Our Approach

Using the Divi Theme we customised a template to represent For Love Of Living’s brand and identity. 

The Result

A clean, modern website that loads in under 2 seconds.

Services Provided

  1. WordPress Website Design
  2. WordPress Website Development
  3. Google Analytics

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Let’s Get More Leads Together?

There are some conditions we require before working with you.

  1. YOU HAVE CLEAR GOALS; or you’re at least prepared to work with us to define them.
  2. YOU HAVE A BUDGET; If you really want big returns on your time and money, you’re going to need to invest some cash.  We don’t work for equity in your startup and we cannot deliver significant results without a reasonable budget.
  3. YOU HAVE TIME; Where energy flows, results will grow. We will want your undivided attention and you will get ours.
  4. YOU HAVE A TEAM; or you are prepared to build one. Even if they are contractors, Virtual Assistants etc, you are going to need help to keep your investment flying high while you do what you do best.

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