I have used virtual assistants over the past year for everything from data reconciliation to website publishing and video editing and more. Of course it wasn’t all smooth sailing and like anything worth doing there are several golden rules to making this resource work. My three top tips are;

1. For administration tasks, only outsource tasks to international VA’s that are repetitive. Because you are going to have to spend more time initially to establish your expectations than what it would take to do the task yourself.

2. Using VA’s is not a set and forget task. You must be prepared to spend time with them to set up an environment that is conducive to delivering a successful end result. Be almost painfully Specific in every detail, ask them to work on your project for an hour and then check their progress so that you can make any adjustments needed. Trust me, it’s better than paying for 8 hours of rubbish.

3. Time Zones! If you can only spend time with your VA during traditional business hours there is no point in hiring someone on an opposite time zone. So always check what hours they will be available for you.

This process may sound very onerous but if you put in the effort up front, you will end up with an invaluable resource that is pennies in the dollar compared to hiring administration staff with the same skill set locally.

If I can be of help to create systems in your business that can be used to outsource or cut administration and training costs contact me connie@onlinespiderweb.com.au

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