I get asked often how to grow likes on Facebook.

Firstly I want to say that likes or follows on any social media platform have ONE purpose.

Before I tell you what that purpose is, look at these 2016 statistics extracted from Optin Monster

(2016-2019 Statistics)

Email Facebook Twitter
Total number of users 2.6 billion 1.7 billion 313 million
First online “check” of the day 58% 11% 2%
Use this channel at least daily 91% 57% 14%
Prefer this channel for permission-based promotional messages 77% 4% 1%
Users check here for a deal from a company they know 44% 4%
Users who made a purchase as the result of a marketing message from this channel 66% 20% 6%
Customers Acquired 7% <1% 0%
Open/Click-Through/Engagement Rate 18% OR / 3.7% CTR 0.07% 0.03%
Distribution of Global Content Sharing Activities 4% 57% 18%
Delivers an Excellent ROI 21% 15%
Customer Lifetime Value +12% +1% -23%
Ownership Full ownership Account can be terminated Account can be terminated


Full article with detailed insights around online habits.

In case it isn’t clear yet (or you skipped past the tabled statistics), that purpose is to get people to give you their email address.

Here are two ways to capture said email addresses.

A: Opting into your email list

B: Purchasing a product which captures their email address into your email list

So before you spend hours trying to get people to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your social media channels, make sure you have a way to leverage those efforts..

What to post:

Be Relevant, educational, humorous and inspirational.

Experiment with images, videos, polls, live broadcasts & events

Try and watermark or brand any images or videos you post with your logo.

Facebook posts have an average ‘lifespan’ of about 20 minutes. Use your page insights to see what time is best to post & analyze your audience demographics to tailor your content to them. You can schedule posts within Facebook weeks in advance, don’t hang around all night and day posting one by one.

Create posts relevant to local and national holidays & special celebrations. i.e Mothers Day, Christmas, Easter etc

No one has the magic bullet that will figure out what your audience wants from you. It is a long game, but if you are targeting a niche who is just like you were or have a problem that you had and can solve for them instead of anyone & everyone that road will be much easier.

Set yourself a time frame i.e 14 days where you post A LOT. i.e 5 times a day.

Less than 16% of your followers will see each of your posts so you won’t over saturate your audience.

After the 14 days analyze your results, look at the 20% of the posts that got 80% of engagement and you should start to notice what your audience wants from you.

Where to find Facebook followers;


Facebook groups – Your own & Other peoples

Social Media competitions – make sure the prize is relevant to your service or product

As a footer link or call to action in your Email & Blogs

Email marketing campaigns

Other selling platforms like eBay, Etsy etc

Joint Ventures

Webinars & Live broadcasts

Free Online directories like

Paid Online directories

Industry associations

Paid Online Ads (I do not recommend this just for likes)


(Offer people an incentive to follow you when you are in person)




One to one

Market Stalls

Local Business Chamber events run by your local council

Traditional media including Flyers, Newspaper, Magazines, Radio, TV

Events & Meetups where your target audience attends

Cold Calling

SEO meetups


Which one should you start with? Pick the lowest hanging fruit, that is the one that is easiest for YOU!

And finally you have to actually ASK people to like your page. Don’t assume that people know or automatically think of supporting your business and following you. It’s not that they are selfish, we are all just busy.

In your posts, emails, marketing etc actually tell people to go and ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your page and give them an incentive to do so. It could be a discount, a review of their diet if you are a health expert for example, a cheat sheet etc. Just something that can help them solve one single problem with minimum time input from them and minimum resources from you.

One more thing, don’t get hung up on how many people like your page. There are people who have thousands of likes but don’t turn a profit, it is not the END GAME.




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