“Extract Maximum Value From Your Website & Social Media Traffic”




Monday 29th January 2018
10.00am - 3.00pm Venue: TBC Castle Hill, Sydney



  • A simple one page lead magnet that will attract premium clients and populate your email list automatically
  • A landing page that articulates your audiences biggest problems & drives them to your solution
  • A series of onboarding emails that educates your subscribers to a premium sale
  • Mailchimp 101 - getting started with Email Marketing for beginners
  • LIMITED SEATS: Small Workshop Setting Means More 1 to 1 Help For You
  • No Interruptions, No Road Blocks, No Distractions So You Can Create More Sales For 2018
  • Perfect for absolute beginners!

Connie Mottshaw

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Just Bring Your Laptop Or Tablet & A Sense Of Adventure!

The median ROI for email is 122%.

Social media comes in at a distant second place, with a ROI of 28%.

source: http://sumo.ly/EECM

WARNING:  I only have 10 seats in our workshop available and space will fill up quickly so register now to avoid missing out.  This workshop is packed with high quality content and coaching and will fill up fast!


This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!

WORKSHOP BONUSCheat sheets to help you craft profitable content fast!

  • Minimalist Lead Magnet Ideas To Build Your Email List
  • Ultimate Landing Page Formula To Build It Quick & Attract More Opt Ins
  • Headline Formulas To Cut & Paste
  • 5 Easy Traffic Sources & How To Promote Your Email Marketing Content

More reasons why now is the time to start implementing your own Email Marketing Campaigns

source: http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2017/06/29/email-marketing-statistics
  • 1

    80% of retail professionals indicate that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention

    Think anniversary, birthday, welcome and onboarding email series to educate people how to use your product or service and order more often.

  • 2

    77% of people prefer to get permission-based promotional messages via email (versus direct mail, text, phone, or social media).

    In other words, while people are on email, they are in more of a mood to make a purchase!

  • 3

    73% of millennials identify email as their preferred means of business communication.

    So you can see, email marketing is alive, well and growing exponentially!