You put valuable time into your Website and Facebook content only for some rusty bots or even uncouth businesses to come along and hijack them with third party advertising. It’s downright blood boiling!

But having to turn off the ability for your real customers and fans to interact with you is only going to make your business suffer, the spammers will just move on without even noticing you are gone.

You cant ignore it either, it will annoy your current and potential customers.

Here is a 5 minute solution to your spamming problems.


1. In the admin panel select ‘Edit Page’ button

2. Select ‘Edit Settings’ from the drop down menu

3. Just over half way down this page you will see ‘Page Moderation’, select ‘Edit’

4. In this box add all the possible words, phrases, links etc that spammers would use. At the very least, include the following (copy and paste straight in)









Now of course Websites are more  prone to spamming because there is more anonymity and less moderation, but short of using a paid comment moderator like Akismet, you can try the same type of strategy.

1. Click on ‘Settings’ option in your dashboard menu

2. Select ‘Discussion’ in the expanded menu

3. Now repeat the words you put in your Facebook page.  You have the extended option to moderate or automatically black list chosen words.

4. Also take note of the option to manually approve every comment, or allow comments after the author has a previously approved comment. Why not test them and see what works for you?

wordpress moderation


If you don’t have the resources to moderate Website comments and the spam is more trouble than it is worth, you could also turn your Website comments off and use a Facebook only comments plugin. The comments will be public and view-able on your website, but people will only be able to comment using their Facebook profile.

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