Create A Profitable Online Business

Hi, I’m Connie Mottshaw

Let me show you how to generate more time & money with a systemised approach to building your Small Business income online.


Through my Website Academy, Love Your Numbers & Profit Workshop & Small Business Website Designs I get enormous fulfillment in helping traditional business owners and new entrepreneurs build a smart online business.

Free Facebook Group

Free Facebook Support Group

Interact with a community of Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs building profitable businesses online and stay up to date with the latest Website, Social Media and Email Marketing strategies. Click the image to go directly to my Facebook Group.

DIY Website Course

Click By Click WordPress Website Academy

Using the amazing DIVI theme, this course will take you through how to set up a WordPress Website LIKE A PRO. But it doesn’t end there, because building a Website, getting traffic and generating sales are all integral steps to building a successful business.

Wordpress Website Services

1 to 1 Website Services

From concept to delivery, if you are looking for more than just a Website Developer I take small business owners from ‘NO IDEA’ to a fresh, user friendly Website and Automated Sales Funnel.

With a definite case of shiny object syndrome I’ve done pretty much everything online.

So I’m not what you would call your traditional web developer & coach.  

Webinars – tick,

Facebook Live – tick,

YouTube – Tick,

Email Marketing – Tick,

SEO – Tick,

Facebook Groups – Tick,

Facebook Ad’s – Tick,

Chat Bot’s – Tick,

Sales Funnels – Tick,

Speaking – Tick,

Networking Events – Tick.

 I’ve done Event Websites and ECommerce Websites, Local Deals & Community Websites, Local Business & Membership sites and more. Now I have streamlined my business to stay in my zone of genius so I can deliver great results to my clients while raising busy a family.

Connie Mottshaw

Connie Mottshaw

Website & Online Marketing Expert

Disciplined Work Flow Strategist For Measured Results Online.

Actionable, Step by Step Strategies To Fit Your Stage of Business

Because I am a great listener, I can take your ideas and turn them into actionable, logical steps  to reach more customers- online! And with all my experience with various online tools I can give you the pro’s and con’s of implementing loads of digital strategies.

Empowering Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs to connect with more customers online

Socially Profitable Posse is my FREE Facebook Group where you can join like minded businesses who focus on ‘Posting with Purpose’, and having a clear message to attract the right customers who value their products and services.